Jeffreys Bay Amapiano Producer Jay Music Releases New Single Wena!

Jeffreys Bay Amapiano Producer Jay Music Releases New Single Wena!

Rising Amapiano star Jay Music released his highly anticipated new single, Wena. From the vibrant coastal town of Jeffreys Bay, South Africa, emerged a musical prodigy, Jay Music. His journey began with a passion for music, ignited by the diverse sounds surrounding him – from jazz and hip-hop to kwaito and house. As Amapiano emerged, Jay was captivated by its infectious energy and soulful melodies. This deep love for the genre soon sparked his creative fire, leading him on a path that would take him from a small town to the heart of the Amapiano scene.

Fueled by a burning passion for music, Jay Music embarked on a DIY odyssey. Armed with a laptop and headphones, he honed his craft and sculpted his signature Amapiano sound. Countless hours spent in his home studio fueled his relentless pursuit, transforming raw determination into innovative beats and captivating loops. His dedication paid off in January 2022 with the breakout single Trip Sessions. This track ignited recognition from industry heavyweights like Uncle Waffles and Unlimited Soul, paving the way for his platinum-certified hit, The Fxckin Injury featuring Mellow And Sleazy, which went on to amass over 4 million streams worldwide.

This success propelled Jay Music into the spotlight. Johannesburg’s Sky Heaven management company, impressed by his unique style, brought him into the heart of the Amapiano scene. Here, collaborating with some of the genre’s biggest names became a dream come true for Jay. He honed his skills further, learning from his musical heroes, and began captivating audiences at clubs and festivals across South Africa. His infectious energy and electrifying beats left crowds wanting more.

Building on the momentum of his debut EP, Deep Grove Vol.1, which debuted at number 5 on the South African Apple charts, Jay Music’s Wena promises to be another captivating addition to the Amapiano landscape. The eagerly anticipated Wena is out now on all digital streaming platforms, and delivers a musical experience that will leave you wanting more.

“With Wena, I wanted to create a track that captures the essence of summer in South Africa,” says Jay Music. “It’s about good vibes, celebration, and feeling the music move you. I happy to share it with the world!”

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Music Details

Artist: Jay Music, Jimmy Maradona
Song: Wena (Feat. Babygirlmint & Candy Flow RSA)
Composed by: Jayden Coetzee
Published by: Sky Heaven (PTY) LTD
ISRC Code: ZA-K17-24-00001

SAMRO Code: 2308775
Record Label: Sky Heaven (PTY) LTD

Social Media handles

  • Instagram: @jaymusic_za
  • X:@jaymusic_za
  • Facebook: Jay Music
  • TikTok: @jaymusic_za
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